Ron Meyers led a popular garage band in high school, but left his music behind for the real world.  As a successful businessman, Ron paused at midlife to rejuvenate his musical passion.   When "Magic Child," his first CD was released in 1997, the world had its first chance to share the magic of his musical soul.  His original songs are about life's journeys, and his covers are some of the tunes that inspired him as a young man.

Meyers spent his adult years building and running successful. companies.  At the age of 43, his heart felt empty.  Neither prestige, money, nor toys were enough to satisfy him.  He remembered his lifelong dream of creating music and wondered if he could do it.  He took a year sabbatical and liberate the songs of his soul.  Ron's music will touch your heart, tapping the dreams you have tucked away, awakening the hunger and longing of your soul for magic from the inside out.

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